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How To Create Trello Cards From Gmail Emails (And Why Using A Teamopipe Gmail CRM Might Be More Convenient)

Grigorijs Kožuhars
Grigorijs Kožuhars
How To Create Trello Cards From Gmail Emails (And Why Using A Teamopipe Gmail CRM Might Be More Convenient)

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the integration between our email and project management tools can significantly boost productivity. Trello, a popular project management tool, offers a way to create cards directly from Gmail emails. But before diving into the process, it’s worth noting that while Trello’s integration is useful, platforms like Teamopipe offer a more seamless experience, especially for SMBs. Let’s explore how to set up Trello cards from Gmail and why you might consider Teamopipe as a more convenient alternative.

Creating Trello Cards From Gmail Emails: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Install the Trello Add-on for Gmail:
– Open your Gmail account.
– Navigate to the G Suite Marketplace and search for the Trello add-on.
– Click on the Trello add-on and select ‘Install’. Grant the necessary permissions.

2. Link Your Trello Account:
– Once installed, open an email in Gmail.
– Click on the Trello icon on the right sidebar.
– Sign in to your Trello account and grant Gmail access to your Trello boards and cards.

3. Create a Trello Card:
– With an email open, click on the Trello icon in the right sidebar.
– Choose the board and list where you want the card to appear.
– Modify the card title and description as needed. By default, the email subject becomes the card title, and the email body becomes the card description.
– Click on ‘Add Card’.

4. Add Attachments and Labels:
– If the email contains attachments, you can add them directly to the Trello card.
– You can also label the card for better organization.

5. Manage Cards Directly from Gmail:
– Once a card is created, you can move it between lists, add due dates, members, and more, all directly from Gmail.

Why Consider Teamopipe Over Trello For Gmail Integration?

While Trello’s Gmail integration is undoubtedly handy, it’s not the only solution out there. Teamopipe offers a CRM system that’s directly integrated with Gmail, making it a more streamlined solution for SMBs.

Here’s why Teamopipe might be more convenient:

  • Native Gmail Integration: With Teamopipe, there’s no need for add-ons. The CRM functionalities are directly integrated into Gmail, providing a unified experience.
  • Tailored for SMBs: Teamopipe is designed with SMBs in mind, ensuring a user-friendly experience without the need for extensive training.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Teamopipe centralizes communication, ensuring that teams can collaborate efficiently without switching between platforms.
  • A complete CRM: Pipelines, tags, deal values, custom fields – everything you need to successfully manage your sales process.


Creating Trello cards from Gmail emails can certainly enhance your workflow. However, for those seeking a more integrated and seamless experience, especially SMBs, Teamopipe offers a compelling alternative. With its native Gmail integration and a suite of powerful features tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, Teamopipe is set to redefine how businesses manage customer relationships directly from their email interface.