Streamlined CRM Integrated With Gmail

Seamlessly manage your pipeline within Gmail. Enhance productivity and gain valuable insights with our intuitive and customizable CRM.

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Key features

Discover our main features that make our product unique.

For teams and solo users
Keep your communications well organised, using a simple chrome extension
Built directly into Gmail
Do not leave your workflow, keep and share all the content in one platform
Must have for a team
Automatically share emails across the team, pick up where others have dropped off


Probably The Easiest CRM On The Market

Optimize Your Workflow and Elevate Productivity with Our Intuitive, Gmail-Integrated Tool

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Seamless Gmail Integration

Experience the ease of managing customer relationships without leaving your Gmail inbox. We’re built as a Gmail extension, making CRM tasks a breeze.

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Empowering Collaboration

Unlock the full potential of teamwork and streamline your business deals! Seamlessly create and manage teams to foster collaboration, while gaining unparalleled control over your company's transactions.

Custom fields

Dynamic content

Customize your workflow according to your requirements by effortlessly configuring your pipeline fields using our integrated custom field feature to align with your specific use case and preferences.

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You're in Great Company

We've got lots of customers across the world, we love to excel at adding new features for our customers!

Esus Dev

Esus Dev

Easy to use, great Gmail CRM. Clear attention to what's important by the team.
Thomas James

Thomas James

Extension for managing outreach within Gmail. All works as expected. Helpful support from the developer Kris. Thank you!


Simple to use, directly built into Gmail. The team is quickly adding new features and are responsive to feature requests. If i'm missing something, just have to reach out to their team.